Drive Thru Review: Spheres of Might

At first glance, Spheres of Might appeared to be just a new talent system to add to or replace the current Feats option in D&D. Those sorts of supplements tend to have issues with overpowering characters, but the concept seemed solid, the artwork was top notch, and really, who doesn’t love spending talent points? AfterContinue reading “Drive Thru Review: Spheres of Might”

DMG Review: Dragon Relics

Dragon Relics is an epic campaign that takes the adventurers from the deserts of Anauroch to the frozen steppes of the High Ice and down into the hidden jungles of a place called Rasilith. Devious traps and powerful adversaries will stand between them and the dragon relics they seek. These relics are the only thingContinue reading “DMG Review: Dragon Relics”

DMG Review: A Chase Through The Planes

From the start, A Chase Through The Planes has an edgy, otherworldly feel to it. The story begins for the PCs when a Blackstaff from Waterdeep contacts them about a certain item stolen by a thief—an arcanaloth named Viarcraia—that then high-tailed it to another plane of existence. A trap caught the thief’s blood and theContinue reading “DMG Review: A Chase Through The Planes”