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In the isolated reaches of the Silver Marches, local communities have been beset by an increasing number of Underdark denizens. Drow and deep gnome raiding parties steal food and skirmish with local forces. Deep underground the reason for the sudden Underdark incursion becomes clear: the drow have lost the great city of Menzoberranzan. Beset by an outside force, they have retreated to caverns nearer the surface while they prepare to retake their city.

Who, or what has declared war against the drow? What hidden purpose do they hold? Brave the depths of the darkness to find the answers, discover clues of a greater evil behind the invasion, and help the drow to reclaim Menzoberranzan!  

  • Can be used as an alternate story or supplemental for the official Tyranny of Dragons adventure line.
  • Good for a quick adventure and/or new players/groups
  • Optional “Hard Mode” for most encounters
  • Easy to read with segmented Story, DM notes, Encounter, and Treasure frames
  • Begins the story arc for the Wrath of the God-Dragons campaign.

In a secluded kingdom the undead rise from the muck of the mire, threatening to overwhelm the common folk that live there. The ancient crown of kings once called their ancestors to aide the kingdom in times of trouble, but now it seems that its magic has been corrupted by a servant of Tiamat.

The cult has stretched its tentacles into the kingdom, searching for wealth and power. While a centuries old necromancer of the cult attempts a ritual to raise an undead dragon, his half-dragon partner is secretly trying to subvert the ritual’s power for his own use.

The actions of a small band of adventurers will have momentous consequences for the Cult of Tiamat and their future plans.

~This adventure is part 2 in the Wrath of the God-Dragons campaign, after Exodus of the Underdark. It can easily be used as a one-shot adventure, however, and is designed to be used as a supplement to the official Horde of the Dragon Queen campaign, if desired.

  • Can be used as an alternate story or supplemental for the official Tyranny of Dragons adventure line, which begins with Horde of the Dragon Queen.
  • Recommended for 5th – 6th level characters. Includes monster files for easy customization with the stat-block generator.
  • Optional “Hard Mode” for most encounters to provide players with a challenge when needed.
  • Easy to read with segmented and color coded frames for Story, DM notes, Encounter, and Treasure sections.
  • Part 2 in Wrath of the God-Dragons campaign, setting the stage for a major confrontation at the lair of the Cult of Tiamat (coming in part 3).

Meditate on the primal forces of creation with the Druid’s “Circle of Creation” option to channel elemental energy into your shape shifting forms and cast powerful elemental spells.

Choose the “Elemental Incarnation” Sorcerer to become a master of cycling between the various elements to both empower your spells and gain formidable defenses.

With the “Elemental Summoner” Wizard, you can delve into the mysteries of the Elemental Planes to summon their denizens as stalwart allies, while also infusing your familiar with the energy to cast elemental magic.

This supplement contains:

  • 3 Subclasses: Full subclass descriptions and rulesets for the Druid, Sorcerer, and Wizard.
  • 7 Feats: New elemental themed Feats, such as the Elemental Soul: Elemental creatures are naturally friendly to you. Choose cold, fire, lightning, or thunder: you gain permanent resistance to that damage type. This effect may not be removed or bypassed except by a wish spell.
  • 20 Spells: New elemental themed spells, including 9th level spells to create elemental strongholds from mountains, volcanoes, lakes, and sky islands.

The Shaar desert has long been home to numerous strange peoples, of which little is known outside the wastes.

Nomadic Minotaur tribes roam the Shaar, following generations of tradition and druidic ways.

The desolation and erratic arcane forces unleashed by the spell-plague has caused a mysterious new race, the Sandar, to emerge from the very heart of the sands.

While deep below the Underchasm a race of fungal telepaths nurtures bio-luminescent gardens fed by living creatures.

This player race expansion provides extensive details about these people, including:

  • Race Stats and Features
  • Aesthetics
  • Culture
  • New Locations
  • Notable NPCs

Throwing a bunch of random creatures at your players is all fine and good, but what if we took the opportunity to do something more? This first installment of “Not So Random” provides 120 encounters that cover Urban, Road, Mountain, Forest, Swamp, and Ocean areas.

These encounters aim to offer opportunities to build up the game world, challenge the character’s skills, and encourage the players to role-play within an ever expanding story. There’s also a bunch of random creatures to fight…

Coming Soon: Wrath of the God Dragons,

Part 3: “Dragon’s Brood”

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