“Courage will now be your best defense against the storm that is at hand — that and such hope as I bring. For not all the tidings that I bring are evil. But leave your trowels and sharpen your swords!”

kraken rising from the ocean depths to attack a sailing ship

Venturing Into the Depths

Maybe it’s because of all the cold weather, but I’ve really been feeling the tropical aquatic adventure thing right now. Unfortunately, the official D&D 5e rules don’t offer too much on that front. There are a few basics that are covered: characters making melee attacks without using a thrusting weapon such as a dagger, javelin,Continue reading “Venturing Into the Depths”

Frost giant and blue dragon cover for Dragon Relics campaign by JVC Perry

DMG Review: Dragon Relics

Dragon Relics is an epic campaign that takes the adventurers from the deserts of Anauroch to the frozen steppes of the High Ice and down into the hidden jungles of a place called Rasilith. Devious traps and powerful adversaries will stand between them and the dragon relics they seek. These relics are the only thingContinue reading “DMG Review: Dragon Relics”


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